IoT Evolution Expo Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas July 2017

IoT Evolution Expo at Caesar's PalaceIoT Evolution Expo is returning to Las Vegas in July 2017 for the 18th event in a series that started in 2009.

The organisers say this expo will have a strengthened focus on the enterprise and on how IoT solutions will impact companies’ operations, business intelligence, new product development and revenue generation.

The conference will also delve into the critical issues that must be understood before embarking on an IoT implementation: IoT connectivity, device management, network architectures, big data and analytics, standards and security.

Conference topics include:

Business intelligence and machine learning
Smart cities
Enterprise operations
Business issues and innovations
Connected home

There is also an IoT developers stream that brings together theory, practice and programming to help developers hone their skills integrating IoT into the enterprise, and an industrial IoT stream in conjunction with the Industrial IoT Conference that will focus on the IoT technologies and solutions specific to manufacturing and industrial applications.

In addition, and bookable separate from the main conference, are an Open Fog workshop and an IoT Security Summit.

The 18th IoT Evolution Expo will be held at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas from 17 to 20 July 2017. You can register at, and use code IOTAUSTRALIA to save 20 percent on the cost of on your conference pass.

There is also an early bird offer: the first 50 registrants receive 50 percent off the cost conference passes! Register here and use code FIRST50


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