About IoT Australia

Welcome to IoTAustralia.org.au

My aim for this site is that it should be a focal point for news, views, comment and information in general on the exciting and rapidly developing world of the Internet of Things (IoT), primarily for people in Australia and New Zealand interested in IoT.

You can read more about the importance of IoT and its likely impacts in my first blog post.

In summary, I hope to:

  • provide anyone interested in the Internet of Things with comprehensive coverage of the latest developments: news, commentary and analysis, events, white papers etc, vendor profiles and user stories;
  • be a forum for discussion on all aspects of IoT.

This site is very much an evolving project and all suggestions are welcome.

Revenue model? There isn’t one at present. If I can build up the audience to a respectable level I’ll be looking for sponsorship and advertising. In the meantime, if anyone feels generous…

Comments, queries, suggestions and contributions are most welcome. You can contact me via our contact page.

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